[Pulp-dev] Katello and pulp_deb dot releases.

Quirin Pamp pamp at atix.de
Mon Apr 12 15:56:48 UTC 2021

I need some community feedback on how to handle pulp_deb dot releases (for Katello).

It looks like the final version of Katello with Pulp 2 in it (3.18) is using pulpcore 3.7.
The most recent version of pulp_deb compatible with pulpcore 3.7 is 2.9.

As a result I will need to cherry-pick any pulp_deb changes needed for the Katello 2to3 migration back to the 2.9 branch.
However, I don't want to do dot releases for every version between 2.9 and the current release (too much work).

Does this cherry-pick strategy (in effect turning pulp_deb 2.9 into a privileged LTS type thing) strike anyone as problematic?
How are other plugins handling cherry-picks (in general and for Katello in particular)?

Kind regards,
Quirin Pamp (quba42)
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