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Jason Dobies jason.dobies at redhat.com
Thu Jun 17 13:46:57 UTC 2010

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Looks good, I'm glad we have this documented. A few comments:

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"JSON Encoding"

You might want to add a note in here about what happens when an error
occurs on the server and how it is encoded.

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"No Exposed Documents"

I have no problem with doing it this way, I'm just curious what benefit
it brings.

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Is "domains" a standard name in REST for this sort of thing? Since we're
dealing in URLs that will have a domain name, we might want to use
"namespace" or something similar instead of domain.

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"Querying Objects..."

"or a Null (None in Python) if no such repository exists. " - What does
that look like in JSON? Is it just {} ?

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We may need a convention for differentiating different levels of detail
in objects. For instance, there may be a case where we only need a
repo's metadata instead of all of its relationships too (in cases where
we actually use relationships).

This may not be an issue, I may be applying lazy loading/SQL database
concepts where they don't apply in MongoDB. Just throwing it out there.

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"Object Deletion"

"To delete an existing object, a DELETE request is sent to that object's

The idea of an object's URL means using the ID for that object? Which
ID, the mongo one or a logical ID?

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"Web Service Responses"

I mentioned this above, but we should document what to expect in the
case of a server error. Will a 500 be returned?

Also, I'm guessing 403s will be returned when we have auth in place?

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