[Pulp-list] Client Refactoring

James Slagle jslagle at redhat.com
Thu Jul 21 17:09:52 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 04:05:15PM -0500, Jeff Ortel wrote:
> Nice write up.
> When you say:
> <snip>
> The consumer framework also receives messages for actions via gofer,
> passing them off to the appropriate plugins. When plugins register
> themselves, one of the important pieces of information they provide
> will have to be what gofer messages/actions they are meant to
> handle.
> </snip>
> Are you suggesting the pulp gofer/pulpplugin dispatch RMI to a
> consumer framework plugin?  If so, wouldn't it make more sense to
> split up the gofer/pulpplugin into several gofer plugins that are
> each contributed by a client framework plugin RPM?  The contributed
> gofer plugin could still call into the client framework plugin's
> modules to do the heavy lifting but we could avoid the extra
> registration/dispatch mechanism.

I agree that makes sense, just have a consumer plugin, e.g. RPM, provide both
a consumer plugin for the cli and a gofer plugin.  I'll update the wiki.

-- James Slagle

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