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[Pulp-list] Agent: Package.install() API

As part of implementing and documenting the pulp agent API for package installs, I noticed a few things that I think need be corrected/enhanced. They have to do with both the Packages.install() signature and some properties in the consumer.conf. After a discussion with Pradeep last night, I've decided to make the following changes to improve the quality of the (agent) API and the readability of consumer.conf:

1) change:
  Packages.install(names, reboot, assumeyes)
  Packages.install(names, reboot, importkeys)

The affect of "assumeyes" here is /really/ to permit YumBase to import GPG keys as needed. Although, it's implemented in YumBase as "assumeyes", from an API perspective, "importkeys" seems clearer.

2) change the return value of Packages.install()
  [[installed], [reboot_requested, rebooted]]
  { installed : [], rebooted : <bool> }

A dict is clearer than coded list/tuples. Also, the 'reboot_requested' flag is really not needed. The caller know that a reboot after package install was requested. The 'rebooted' flag indicates whether the 'reboot' request actually performed. The consumer.conf can disallow reboots.

3) clarify the consumer.conf:


reboot_schedule = 3
import_gpg_keys = False
#assumeyes       = False


permit = False
delay = 3

permit_import = False


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