[Pulp-list] plugin contributions

Andreas Piesk a.piesk at gmx.net
Mon Oct 8 21:11:39 UTC 2012

On 08.10.2012 19:57, Jay Dobies wrote:
> If you put your stuff on github and point us to your repository, we can see about how to best
> integrate it. I suspect that there will be a number of places where you can then submit pull
> requests to us so we can review and incorporate the code.

OK, since i plan to make some more changes to pulp v1 i forked pulp and added the plugin as


but please bear in mind that i just started to learn python to be able to scratch my itches, so it's
certainly not the best code.

for the plugin:

pulp-admin report reposync [--all]

- reports the last sync of all repos, with --all even for repos with no sync schedule
- sample output:

Repository                           Last Sync                 Duration Status
------------------------------------ ------------------------- -------- --------
rhel6Workstation-i386-optional       2012-10-08T05:11:16+02:00  0:14:22 finished
rhel6Workstation-i386-os             2012-10-08T05:16:03+02:00  0:35:58 finished
rhel6Workstation-i386-supplementary  2012-10-08T05:11:20+02:00  0:04:43 finished

pulp-admin report cdssync [--all]

- same as above for CDS

pulp-admin report profilediff --masterid=MASTERID [--consumerid=CONSUMERID |
--consumergroupid=CONSUMERGROUPID] --show-diffs

- reports differences between two profiles (masterid vs. consumerid) or between a profile and a list
of profiles (masterid vs. consumergroupid), --show-diffs prints the package list diffs in unified
diff format
- sample output:

* master <-> consumer 'rac11r2-2.crack-n-hack.local':
no differences found

the next thing on my list is the ability to bind repogroups to consumergroups and consumer to
repogroups, because that's something i need badly :)


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