[Pulp-list] Problem with Certificates.

Henri Jubin hjubin27 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 5 13:19:35 UTC 2013

I installed pulp v2 as described in the documention.
I was able to create a consumer from the client side as described here:

[root at rhel-62-64 ~]# pulp-consumer history
        Consumer History [3c347104-fdfe-48e0-8384-ac1f2dbd9434]

Consumer Id:  3c347104-fdfe-48e0-8384-ac1f2dbd9434
Type:         repo_bound
  Distributor Id: yum_distributor
  Repo Id:        rhel-server-6-2-x86-64-updates-20130215
Originator:   SYSTEM
Timestamp:    2013-02-28T13:00:27Z

Consumer Id:  3c347104-fdfe-48e0-8384-ac1f2dbd9434
Type:         consumer_registered
Details:      None
Originator:   admin
Timestamp:    2013-02-28T12:56:00Z

It appear also on the server side :

# pulp-admin  rpm consumer list

Id:            3c347104-fdfe-48e0-8384-ac1f2dbd9434
Display Name:  rhel-62-64 at inf
Description:   test rhel-62-64 at inf

The binding looks ok 

[ /ldisk/home/dupont/packager.rpm ]root at dal-i-pulp # pulp-admin  bindings search
Consumer Actions:  
Consumer Id:       3c347104-fdfe-48e0-8384-ac1f2dbd9434
Deleted:           False
Distributor Id:    yum_distributor
Id:                512f54ebb9df8c3a6700001b
Repo Id:           rhel-server-6-2-x86-64-updates-20130215


Then when i run on the pulp server side i get an error:

[ /ldisk/home/dupont/packager.rpm ]root at dal-i-pulp # pulp-admin rpm consumer package install run --consumer-id 3c347104-fdfe-48e0-8384-ac1f2dbd9434 -n k3b
Install task created with id [75aa2694-d648-4b05-91e0-5de1f85d13ff]

This command may be exited via ctrl+c without affecting the install.

Request Failed

[u'ConnectionError: connection-forced: Connection must be encrypted.(320)\n']

[ /ldisk/home/dupont/packager.rpm ]root at dal-i-pulp # 

I think a got a messup with the certificate and the documentation does not look working properly as i followed from top to botton and it does not work.  Can somebody point me to a doc with the inter relation with the certificates or tell me how to set it.

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