[Pulp-list] Pulp use case questions and general questions

Trey Dockendorf treydock at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 17:23:30 UTC 2014

My current usage of pulp falls into a few use cases.

* Sync external repos (CentOS, EPEL, etc)
* Copy external repos to internal repos so I have point-in-time
freezes of versions which are used by hosts
* Manage internal repos that contain RPMs not provided by external repos

I'm curious how Pulp handles some situations, and possibly what's the
"best practice" in context of Pulp's features to manage these

* I'm building packages (ie SLURM) for both EL6 and EL7.  How should
that be handled?  Should each version of an OS have it's own repo in
Pulp with a relative URL that is unique to the OS version?
* Does Pulp handle dependencies when copying a RPM from one repo to
another?  For example, if I copied in the latest bash from an external
repo to my internal repo, and it had a dependency on some other
package with a specific version NOT in my internal repo, would Pulp
copy that dependency RPM?

Additionally, is it considered best practice to copy an external repo
to a corresponding internal repo, or copy multiple external repos into
a single internal repo?


centos-6-base -> production-centos-6-base
centos-6-updates -> production-cenntos-6-base


centos-6-base -> production-centos-6
centos-6-updates -> production-centos-6

Last question, does Pulp have a GUI available either from official
sources or community sources that supports version 2.4?  I am aware of
Katello and plan to evaluate it but am already heavily invested in
Foreman so will have to work with that community on how to integrate
the two without rebuilding everything, etc.

- Trey

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