[Pulp-list] Uploading the same RPM to multiple pulp repos via the REST API

Mihai Ibanescu mihai.ibanescu at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 15:35:11 UTC 2015


Before I dive into the code, could someone help me with an answer to this


I have assumed that the workflow would be:

* create upload request
* upload bits
* import into ONE OR MORE repositories
* delete upload request

However, in my tests, if I try to upload to two different repositories, the
second one fails, with the task reporting:

(Epdb) task['result']
{u'details': {u'errors': [u'unexpected error occurred importing uploaded
file']}, u'success_flag': False, u'summary': u''}

I also just noticed in the syslog an error:

pulp_rpm.plugins.importers.yum.upload:ERROR: (8441-68800) OSError: [Errno
2] No such file or directory:

So, could the documentation make it clear that the upload request can only
be used once, now that I just convinced myself I'm using the tool wrong?


PS In a sense, this is disappointing; I don't want to pay the cost of
uploading the bits twice, just because I want them in two different
repositories. While I understand I could *copy* content between the two
repos, but it wasn't immediately obvious either.
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