[Pulp-list] Omitting RPMs in backups

Nicolas FOURNIALS nicolas.fournials at cc.in2p3.fr
Wed Nov 2 16:26:44 UTC 2016


>> > Questions aside, this is theoretically doable. You'll need to be setup for
>> > pulp's deferred content download feature, which includes deploying squid or
>> > an equivalent proxy.
>> > 
>> > http://docs.pulpproject.org/user-guide/deferred-download.html
>> > 
>> > You would first restore your database, and then create a repo in pulp for
>> > each of these backup repos. For each one:
>> > 
>> > - set the download policy to "on_demand"
>> > - sync. This should discover that each content unit is already in the
>> > database, associate it to the repo, and populate the on_demand catalog with
>> > knowledge of its location in this giant feed
>> > - run the download_repo task with the "verify_all_units" option set to
>> > True. This will go through each file of each unit, discover it's missing,
>> > and then download it from the link that was cataloged above.
>> > ---
>> > http://docs.pulpproject.org/dev-guide/integration/rest-api/repo/sync.html#download-a-repository
>> > - delete your "backup" repos from pulp
>> > 
>> > This is only possible for yum repos currently, until support for deferred
>> > download is added to other plugins.
>> > 
>> > If you do go through with this as a plan, let us know how testing goes, and
>> > what tips you would have for the next person who tries it.
> Great, that was the kind of idea I was looking for, thanks a lot!
> I guess it will need using for the temporary repo a different feed
> URL from that of the saved repo.
> OK, I will try it and give some feedback.

I was about to answer that I was unsuccessful but in the end I tried
with the default immediate download policy and it worked!
So, the method is simply:
* recreate another repo with the same feed (change the relative_url),
using default download_policy
* sync
* delete the new repo
That's it, RPMs have been restored in /var/lib/pulp/content/units/rpm/

Thanks a lot,

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