[Pulp-list] Hosting Live Sprint Demos?

Brian Bouterse bbouters at redhat.com
Wed Nov 23 02:04:14 UTC 2016

Currently our sprint demos are recorded and don't allow for live
participation from the community. In an effort to be more open, I would
like to move our sprint demos to be a live, public event. To do that, I
need to switch how we are recording and hosting the sprint demos.

Do any of you have suggestions on what services I should consider?

My ideal integrated hosting+playback environment would:

* allow for anyone to join the event live
* support screensharing and video content from presenters
* provide recording
* not use flash (at least not for playback)
* automatically host those recorded videos in their forever home on the web
* allow me to upload videos too, so that both live and pre-recorded videos
can be in one place
* support teams allowing several people to administrate it, not just me
* have no cost (for sustainability)
* provide analytics for both live attendance and viewing

Feel free to reply on-list or directly with ideas or discussion.

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