[Pulp-list] node sync stuck in waiting state forever

Stefan Roat stefan.roat at skidata.com
Fri Sep 30 10:07:23 UTC 2016


I have 2 pulp servers that I want to run in a parent-child node setup.
I followed the instructions at
https://docs.pulpproject.org/user-guide/nodes.html and this works out
basically fine. I set up oauth, registered the child as consumer,
activated the child node, enabled and published some repos on the parent
and bound them to the child. However, the very last step on the parent
gives me troubles:

pulp-admin node sync run --node-id <child-node-id>

This tasks stays at "Waiting to begin..." forever. I can cancel the task
with pulp-admin and restart it, same result.

Both servers are CentOS 7, running pulp 2.10
I can rule out SELinux issues since changing to permissive does not help
Other tasks like repo feed sync or repo publish get picked up immediately.
tcpdump shows me that there is no traffic flow between parent and child
after issuing the node sync run.

the only output in journcalctl after issuing the node sync run is:

gofer.messaging.adapter.connect:INFO: connecting: qpid+tcp://localhost:5672
gofer.messaging.adapter.qpid.connection:INFO: open: URL:
tcp://localhost|SSL: ca: /etc/pki/qpid/ca/ca.crt|key: None|certificate:
/etc/pki/qpid/client/client.pem|host-validation: False
gofer.messaging.adapter.qpid.connection:INFO: opened:
gofer.messaging.adapter.connect:INFO: connected: qpid+tcp://localhost:5672
gofer.messaging.adapter.connect:INFO: connecting: qpid+tcp://localhost:5672
gofer.messaging.adapter.connect:INFO: connected: qpid+tcp://localhost:5672
gofer.messaging.adapter.qpid.connection:INFO: closed:

Im running out of ideas on how to troubleshoot this. Any help is

Stefan Roat

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