[Pulp-list] repo errors after upgrade to 2.10

Joel Golden slalomnut at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 19:10:50 UTC 2016

Upgraded to pulp-server-2.10.0-1.el6.noarch from 2.6.x

After upgrading and running sync run on CentOS update repos, I'm now
receiving "Error: file is encrypted or is not a database" from yum when
running yup update.  Repos that haven't synced are still working.  Anyone
else running into this?

pulp-manage-db --dry-run results:
Write concern for Mongo connection: {}
DeprecationWarning: add_son_manipulator is deprecated
Loading content types.
Loading type descriptors []
Parsing type descriptors
Validating type descriptor syntactic integrity
Validating type descriptor semantic integrity
Loading unit model: erratum = pulp_rpm.plugins.db.models:Errata
Loading unit model: distribution = pulp_rpm.plugins.db.models:Distribution
Loading unit model: srpm = pulp_rpm.plugins.db.models:SRPM
Loading unit model: package_group = pulp_rpm.plugins.db.models:PackageGroup
Loading unit model: package_category =
Loading unit model: iso = pulp_rpm.plugins.db.models:ISO
Loading unit model: package_environment =
Loading unit model: drpm = pulp_rpm.plugins.db.models:DRPM
Loading unit model: package_langpacks =
Loading unit model: rpm = pulp_rpm.plugins.db.models:RPM
Loading unit model: yum_repo_metadata_file =
Loading unit model: puppet_module = pulp_puppet.plugins.db.models:Module
DeprecationWarning: ensure_index is deprecated. Use create_index instead.
  unique=unique, background=True)
Content types loaded.
Ensuring the admin role and user are in place.
Admin role and user are in place.
Beginning database migrations.
Migration package pulp.server.db.migrations is up to date at version 24
Migration package pulp_puppet.plugins.migrations is up to date at version 5
Migration package pulp_rpm.plugins.migrations is up to date at version 35
Database migrations complete.

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