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[rdo-list] FYI: RDO promotion pipelines have been migrated to a new slave


Please note that RDO promotion pipelines will no longer run on the
slave rdo-ci-slave01.
If you have any data that you would like to recover from
rdo-ci-slave01 (or rdo-jenkins-2.ci.centos.org), please retrieve it
immediately as this machine will eventually be decommissioned.

The tags 'rdo-promote' and 'rdo-promote-virtualized' were moved to a
new instance: rdo-ci-cloudslave05.
This should hopefully make our promotion jobs faster and more reliable.

We were able to promote Ocata today [1] on this new slave so I do not
anticipate any problem but if there are any, please let me know.

If you had SSH access to the previous slave, you can reach the new one
Note that the user is no longer 'rdo-ci' but 'centos'.

Let me know if you have any questions,

[1]: https://ci.centos.org/view/rdo/view/promotion-pipeline/job/rdo_trunk-promote-ocata-current-tripleo/

David Moreau Simard
Senior Software Engineer | Openstack RDO

dmsimard = [irc, github, twitter]

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