non-win 56k modem

Rick Stevens rstevens at
Tue Jun 14 01:22:10 UTC 2005

Mike Barnes wrote:
> i have an intel based pc with red hat fedora core 3 installed on it and i
> want to install a modem in it so i can connect to my internet service
> provider (ISP). any suggestions as to which modem is the best and least
> expensive with the minimum amount of trouble? later i am going to install
> and run the firewall, mysql, php and apache on the linux pc, then i plan to
> connect my windows based pc through the linux box to connect to the internet

Get an external modem (one that connects via the serial port).  They're
reasonably cheap and will work with darn near ANY operating system.

USB and PCI (internal) modems are generally "winmodems", which are a
nightmare to get working in Linux since most of the makers refues to
release information that would permit open source drivers to be written.
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