non-win 56k modem

Harold Hallikainen harold at
Sat Jun 11 16:33:31 UTC 2005

It seems like the safest way to insure a modem does not use host
processing is to use an external modem connected through an EIA-232 port.
It's another box, but I think it's the safest way to get something that


> i have an intel based pc with red hat fedora core 3 installed on it and i
> want to install a modem in it so i can connect to my internet service
> provider (ISP). any suggestions as to which modem is the best and least
> expensive with the minimum amount of trouble? later i am going to install
> and run the firewall, mysql, php and apache on the linux pc, then i plan
> to
> connect my windows based pc through the linux box to connect to the
> internet
> Michael D. Barnes (MCP)

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