Upgrade from Redhat 9 to Fedora Core 3 - Search for answers

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 16:32:28 UTC 2005

On 6/15/05, Leila Lappin <damovand at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Mark,
> I'll do as best as I can to answer your questions
> regarding the connection.  If your find my answer is
> incomplete please let me know and then I'll get
> someone with more hardware background to help me
> figure out the complete answer.
> Both my keyboard and mouse are Microsoft.  They are
> connected, straight from the device to the CP, with a
> PS/2 connector.  I verified what a PS/2 connector
> looks like by checking some picture on the Internet
> (I'm not trying to be funny or pathetic just precise).
>  The connector looks round has six pins and three
> groves around the perimeter.

This should be OK, presuming the computer is pretty normal. I'm sure it si.

> >    If you get that far then you look at F2 for
> > options. There aren't
> > many listed, but the ones that are look reasonable.
> > Try booting with
> >
> > linux text noprobe
> >
> I do get this far.  So I guess you are saying where it
> say "boot" ( on the first screen under the line with
> function key options) I should type "linux text
> noprobe".  I'll try that next.

Yes, type 

linux text


linux text noprobe

and see what happens. Let up know.

you could also try

linux text noacpi etc., etc., etc.

and use other options there. This is what I've had to do when I had a
machine that wouldn't boot.

I warn you that my one serious attempt to use FC3 on a strange SiS
chipset machine never worked and I had to fall back to FC2. That
machine hung at boot time and I never figured it out. I sincerly hope
you are more lucky.

Good luck,

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