accessing windows file in fedora core 3 Linux

Kostas Sfakiotakis kostassf at
Tue Jun 28 21:03:36 UTC 2005

Greetings Alexey,

Alexey Fadyushin wrote:

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> Linux kernel can mount NTFS partitions provided that the appropriate 
> module (ntfs.o) is available. If the module is available, you can mount 
> NTFS partition with the command
> mount -t ntfs <partition> <directory_where_is_should_be_mounted>

The Linux kernel is capable of identifying an NTFS partition , therefore
the -t parameter can ve ommited .  In other words

mount /dev/hda2  /mnt/NTFSVolume would be sufficient .

> If the module is not available (as far as I can remember, it is not 
> included with compiled kernel in FC3), 

It is not included in Fedora Core 3 it wasn't included in Fedora Core 2
and it will not be included even in Fedora Core 5 . The reason is that
NTFS and it's driver are property of Microsoft Corp. therefore their use
is strictly prohibited under the Copyright law .

you should obtain package
> 'kernel-sources', recompile and install the kernel with NTFS support 
> enabled.
> Alexey Fadyushin
> Brainbench MVP for Linux.

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