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Re: installation problem, display configuration

Eric Evans wrote:


I'm in the process of trying to install Red Hat 9 on a Dell Inspiron 8600 and I ran into a little problem during the final part of the installation where it configures the X windows system. The installation procedure CRASHED before it finished configuring X windows, and so I'm left with a RH linux installation that will not run X. It will boot up fine and I can log in, but it's only text & command-line, no graphics.

I tried going back and doing an upgrade install and just reinstalling the graphics and X packages, but that didn't fix the problem. I'm still stuck with no X running on my laptop. Is there an easy way to get X set up on this thing without having to go back and delete the whole linux installation and reinstall everything?

Thanks a lot,

What are the error messages when you boot up X? What do you physically see on the screen?

Hard to diagnose when it 'doesn't work'. I think we need more information about exactly what is happening.


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