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Hi All,

I am using winbind for the first time. I can see a list off
all the users and groups in a windows 2000 domain from my
RH9 box.

I use samba to make a few shares available to the windows
clients. If i want the windows clients to access the share
i have to create their username on the linux box but i do
not need to create a passwd for them because winbind is
getting it from the w2k DC. Why do i need to create a user
on the linux box? Why cant it get it from the DC like with
the passwd?

I am also trying to login with a user/passwd created on the
w2k DC on the RH9 box but it doesnt want to work. I want to
be able to login with any domain account on the RH9 box
without createing any user/passwd on the RH9 box. I also
want to be able to connect from a w2k machine to smb shares
without having to create their user account on the RH9
box.Am i doing anything wrong or cant this be done? 

The RH9 box has successfully joined the w2k domain.

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