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Re: trying to resolve dependencies!!! (libcrypto.so.4)

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, bruce wrote:

> hi...
> we have rh8.0. trying to resolve dependency issues.. and this is painful.
> can anyone tell us where we can find libcrypto.so.4/libssl.so.4... we assume
> that they should be available from redhat, but we have no idea where...
> we're trying to update up2date... and it seems to require python..which
> seems to require libcrypto....

Probably in openssl or openssl-devel.

You can hit rpmfind.net, and do a search for libcrypto.so.4 and 
libssl.so.4, and it'll tell you, specifically, what RPMs provide those 
files, sorted by distribution and revision level.

Mike Burger

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