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Add a new HardDisk


I am new to the LINUX thing. Mostly been a Microsoft guy so far.

I need a add a new HardDisk to my RH8.0 box.

How do I go about doing it and configuring the new Hardrive.

I am pasting mt df -h output here

Filesystem            Size        Used    Avail      Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda3              14G      12G       2.0G     86%         /
/dev/hda1              99M     17M      76M      18%        /boot
/dev/hda2              20G      16G       4.1G      79%       /home
none       & nbsp;          503M          0         502M      0%       /dev/shm
/dev/hdc1              57G      19G       35G        34%      /software
/dev/hdc2              57G      40G       14G        73%      /space

And, I would like move /home to the new HDD I create, how do get that done.

Thanks in advance



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