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Re: mail delivery on LAN - This time Linux

On 04-Jan-2005/21:45 -0800, IAK Tanoli <sendtoimtiaz yahoo com> wrote:
>If you are trying to send mail for linux11 to linux10
>then :
>1) on boith system sendmail must listen on the
>ethernet interface as by default sendmail only listen
>on loopback.

He wrote that he used telnet from linux10 to confirm that the SMTP port
was open on linux11.

>2) /etc/hosts must have entries of both systems or
>they can use dns as well.

The telnet used hostname, so the machines can obviously find each other.

>3) check relay in /etc/mail/access also

Every machine will always relay mail from local users.

Try putting square brackets around the hostname part of the address:

  user1 [linux11 awt com pk]

This is a deprecated method of telling sendmail that it shoould not ask
the DNS for an MX record, but should deliver directly to the IP address of
the host.

I have done this before on my home network but the machines are not setup
right now. If you do not have this working three days from now, let me know
and I will pull my machines from storage and see how I set them up.

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