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Using SCSI Tape with Enclosure

Hi All,

Actually, this is my first post in this mailing list and I am happy for 
that, hope to get some help, Here's the case:

Hardware & Software Configuration:

   - Server: IBM xSeries 236 Server 
   - Backup Tape Drive: Qantum DLT VS80 40/80 Tape Drive PN: * 59P6682* 
   - SCSI Controller: PCI Ultra 160 Adapter - single channel, LVD 
   transceiver, 64-bit PN: *19K4646* 
   - Enclosure: IBM External Half High SCSI Storage Enclosure PN: *
   - SCSI Cab: IBM 2M External .8mm SCSI Cable PN: *01K8027* 
   - *Operating System: * RedHat Enterprise Linux v3.0 U3 
   - Raid 5: 5 Hard Disks Connected by ServeRAID-7e for RAID 5 

   - After installing the Tape, SCSI Controller and Enclosure on the 
   server, dmesg and /proc/scsi/scsi indicates that both the scsi controller 
   for the tape and ServeRaid SCSI controller are both identified. but, when i 
   try to run the following commands it fails to recognize the tape: 

    - mt -f /dev/st0 status 
*              mt: /dev/st0: No such device or address*        

   - Anyway when i try the following command: 
      - tar cvf /dev/st0 /boot it give me the following error 
No such file or directory
Writable error is not recoverable

   - I think, The SCSI tape is identified as other name than st0, So i 
   want to perform sucessful backup, anyone can help in deciding which device 
   the tape is installed on and how to troubleshoot SCSI to ensure the both 
   scsi controllers works fine?
Thanks in advance

Best Regards,

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