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Re: Bind and caching-nameserver

Budi Febrianto wrote:
> Hello All,
>       I installed and configure Bind in my RHL 8.0.
>       It works, at least I think it is.
>       Do I need to install caching-nameserver also?
>       Doesn't bind also cache it's query?

I think caching-nameserver is only a special configuration for bind to
allow only caching.

I think you're ok with only bind, as you can configure it as you want.

Name   : caching-nameserver
Arch   : noarch
Version: 7.2
Release: 7
Size   : 4.10 kB
Group  : System Environment/Daemons
Repo   : Locally Installed
Summary: The configuration files for setting up a caching name server.
 The caching-nameserver package includes the configuration files that
will make BIND, the DNS name server, act as a simple caching
nameserver. Many users on dialup connections use this package along
with BIND for this purpose.

If you would like to set up a caching name server, you will need to
install the caching-nameserver package and bind.

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