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RE: Bare metal recovery

Hi all,

We use Legato Networker backup for taking the backup of our Linux server
and to do a Linux Bare Metal recovery, I use the following procedure : 

  * Boot on a Knoppix Live CD on the server you have to restore;
  * Change your hostname/IP address to be able to contact your Networker
  * Install the Networker client on your Knoppix Live server (with
Unionfs available in Knoppix, it's not a problem !)- you can use alien
to convert the rpm package to a debian package;
  * Mount the disk you have to restore on your Knoppix server;
  * If needed, restore your partition table with the command sfdisk
/dev/sda < sfdisk_sda.out;
  * restore the file system with Networker;
  * re-install grub with the command grub-install --root-directory=/mnt
   * and reboot your system !!!.

This procedure will also work for Veritas. 


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On 10/20/05, Meadows, Andrew <AMeadows bmi com> wrote:
> Researching using mkcdrec
> Anyone had any experiences with this?

I'm still trying to OBDR the tape using mkcdrec but no luck. It just
won't boot without error & warning.


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