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Re: ext3 vs reiserfs

If reiserfs is dead ended.. then the choice is simple..
but mind if i ask..  with that much space what kinda raid system are you
5,10 ??  will the filesystem hold a lot of big files or are they mostly
small files (under a
If you wanting the best disk performance.. look at 
putting your journal file a different disk(s).. while your writing data
to the your T the system
will not have to stop that write process and write its journal.. Also
look at changing with your I/O shecdular.

But before doing that. Look on the web for benchmarks that match your
current setup, since it
takes a lot of time to complie the data.. no need to remake the wheel
with this testing..

Sorry to be long winded.. but love to tweak systems..!!!

I got most of my info from the IBM press Linux server performance book..
(know thats not 
the name of the title but its close to that ..sorry ) its 

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