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Re: PXE Boot Error

Jai Rangi wrote:

I got a strange problem, Trying ot set up PXE autoinstallation.
Configure DHCP, TFTP, PXE Linux.
Copied the contents of Fedora Disk on /tftpboot.
Below si the dafault configuration file for pxe..
default linux
serial 0,38400n8
label linux
       kernel images/pxeboot/vmlinuz
append ksdevice=eth1 ip=dhcp load_ramdisk=1 initrd=images/pxeboot/initrd.img ks=ftp:***.***.***.***/ks.cfg
Now I booted the clien machine with PXE boot option.

It starts, get the IP Address loads the vmlinuz, loads initrd.img
So far everything seems to be working fine.
Then it stuct. Below is the screen shot.
anaconda installer init version starting
mounting /proc filesystem.. done
/mounting /dev/pts.............. done
couldnot set new controlling tty
trying to remount root filesystem rea write.. done
mounting /tmp as ramfs.... done
running install....
running /sbin/loader..

Any IDea what I might be missing..


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