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Re: question for overhead for having webserver facing public domain

Thanks for your advice.
I will take into account.

Thanks again.

Michael Christian wrote:

I would ES unless you're specifically running a java servlet

1. Keep it up to date, secure all ports except 80 and/or 443 for web service
- other than that just watch the logs and there's no need for extra
software.  Some people like Webmin.
2. no - just use common sense
3. 3hours per week for grepping logs(depending on quantity)- maybe a couple hours per month to keep updated. This is going to depend on the traffic of
the site and number of domains.
4. None I would reccomend as they just add security overhead.

On 6/5/06, Yasushi Okubo <yasushi cabm rutgers edu> wrote:

Hi, experts

We have a new project to place one of our linux servers outside our
private network to provide public access to our web-based application.
But I do not have an experience for security management to protect this
box from security threat.

So, I would like to have advices for the following issues [I am planning
to install AS4.0 onto this machine]:

1. any good security management software tools ?
2. other concerns by owning a server in public domain beside security
3. how many hours per day sys admin should expect to spend to mange such
a machine
4. any web resources to manage such a machine

Thank you,

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