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RE: Telnet and SSH login problems with Red Hat Enterprise ES4

Is your machine having se-linux  enabled ?

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Subject: Re: Telnet and SSH login problems with Red Hat Enterprise ES4

Georges I. Carraha wrote:
> Hello
> We have successfully set up Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES4 and we are  
> now trying to connect remote clients to connect to it.
> The problems we are having are as follows:
> If we connect with telnet, we get the login prompt.  We use any valid 
> login name & password combination (including root), we get the 
> response "Login incorrect" and then the login prompt repeats.  How can 
> we allow remote telnet connections?  We know telnet is strongly not 
> recommend because of security reasons.  However, we still want o know what is
> prevent the telnet connections.   BTW, the telnet service is running and
> the iptables services is not running.
> b) SSH
> If we connect with SSH, we can log in with "root".  However, we can 
> not connect with any other account because it says "connection refused 
> by server".  How can we allow other users to connect with SSH.  We 
> have checked the sshd_conf file but do not know exactly what setting 
> would be causing this problem.
> Regards,
> Georges Carraha
> mailto:CarrahaG arubadigital com
> Aruba Digital Systems N.V.
havent used telnet in years, (read about the security issues in this
matter) so cant help you.

as for ssh

do the users have /home/~ dirs
are you authenticating via passwd or keys only ?
can you post your sshd_config file ?



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