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Re: Raid definitions


You do not require 146GB for OS. You can go for 36 GB will work. Try to go
more space for data.

Try to get one spare for Raid 5. may be 3 + 1 spare.

On 1/19/07, Lord of Gore <lordofgore logsoftgrup ro> wrote:

McDougall, Marshall (FSH) wrote:
> I am in the process of allocating drive space in several new servers.
> Each of these servers are to house DB's of some sort.  Each has 6 X 146
> gig drives and each will run RHES4.  I was thinking of 2 arrays:
> 1 - mirrored pair of 146's for OS
> 1 - Raid 5 array with 4 x 146 for db's.  That would give me a disk of
> about 440 GB.
> Currently, the biggest DB is about 30 GB.   I figure there are just too
> many ways that I can slice and dice it.  Any advice appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Regards, Marshall
I'd go with level 5 for the extra space. Fault tolerance is the same:
just 1 broken disk per "session" :) .

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