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Re: sendmail (Junk Mail)

I didn't see that option as a configuration item. Is that on a user level or site level? I have been concentrating on site configuration and not reading much about the local user config.

I am currently reading on the militer stuff, trying to get a good grasp of what is happening in that arena, how do I control it, how do configure it, etc.

If I am understanding it correctly it is basically an external script that is feed an email and it should return "something"

Oh yes, I have the SPF module loading with the spamassassin from the config file. However, it only tags the subject line as SPAM and doesn't prevent sendmail from excepting it. I suppose I will have to do the SPF stuff with a milter ???????

Any suggestion of howto write a milter to reject a bad SPF, or is there already one out there?

I have to take a break from this a while, I need to figure out how to create an IPSec between a Linux box and a windows2000 server. I'll come back to the spam issue in about hour.

Carl Reynolds wrote:
Robert Canary wrote:

I did finally get the spamassassin going, however, it looks somewhat useless to me. It seems all it dose is tag email on the subject line with the word SPAM. We already know its spam we don't need it to tell us that, we need it to drop it in a black hole.

I created a special mail account for spam assassin and told it to send any mail it thinks is spam to that account. That way if I need to I can check through the account to make sure my milters are deleting the things I want deleted and I have a cron set up to delete the contents of that account daily.


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