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Re: sendmail and maildir format ???

You can put


in your sendmail.mc file to generate your sendmail.cf config file. This defines procmail as your local mailer agent.

Then you put


in /etc/procmailrc. The trailing '/' tells procmail to use MAILDIR (man procmailrc). Your mail directory can be /var/mail/username/ or $HOME/maildir/

You can also just specify


in your /etc/procmailrc. This sets the default mail destination to be the Maildir directory in the recipient's home directory in maildir format.


sylvan dacounha wrote:
Thanks for ur quick reply and help..

but as u said do i need to create these . forward n .procmailrc files for each user.
if so then ?? how abt a global file

as far as spam is concerned i will be using Spamassassin with mailscanner .

how do i let sendmail know to use procmail as my LDA

i will be using dovecot as my Imap server

how will be the mail users created .. r they created as normal unix users which i have done for my earlier mail server

btw  i already have  mailserver for my old existing domain...

which runs sendmail + dovecot + Spamassissan + mailscanner with normal mbox format and is working perfectly OK .

but i jus want my new mailserver have mails with maildir format as i am expecting the mails for this domain users to be huge.

Thnak and appreciate



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