Multi-core CPUs - kernel vs kernel-smp

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Also if you have a server with more than 4Gigs of RAM you will need to
use the smp kernel


Pankaj Govil

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My answer yesterday was to use the kernel-smp on multiple CPUs and
multicore single CPUs.  If you're using either of these you'll need the
kernel-smp.  In the case of a single, non multicore CPU, use the
"kernel" kernel.

What hardware are you considering for your web servers?  I have many
Dell and IBM servers, all with multi Xeon processors.  I'd think for a
web server that has a fair amount of traffic, you'd want at lease two
Dual-Core processors of > 2 Gh, and lots of RAM.

David Richards wrote:
> Clark, Patti wrote:
>> Not being a kernel expert, when would one want to use kernel vs 
>> kernel-smp on a multi-core system?
>> Patti Clark
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> Hi,
>      I need information on this too. I am current looking in to 
> "respeccing" our web servers and I don't know much about the 
> smp/dual-core kernel stuff. I guess i need to dig through google
> David

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