How to upgrade the kernel

m.roth2006 at m.roth2006 at
Mon Oct 29 17:05:02 UTC 2007


>Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 09:30:06 -0700
>From: Dave Martini 1 <martini1 at>  
>I'm running Linux kernel 2.6.18-8.el5 on an RHEL 5 distribution.
>I downloaded the kernel from
>Does anyone have a good and accurate step by step process on how to 
>upgrade the kernel?
>Will I need to upgrade anything else besides the kernel itself?

There's a good chance that you'll at least have to update glibc. Go to the page the kernel d/l is on, and check if it gives you that info. Alternatives, try to install (I always use ivh, so it installs in parallel to the old kernel, so that you can always choose that as a fallback). If it fails, it'll tell you what it needs.


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