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>Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 19:20:03 +0100
>From: George Magklaras <georgios at>  
>When you say flood, I assume this is continuous. What 

Yeah, bing-bing-bing. Had a runaway forking process, and the oem-killer was running.... 

> happens when you 
>try Ctrl+L to clear the screen? Does it get any better. 

Didn't try that.
> Also, in my mind 
>(*maybe I am wrong in this*, but I remember logging in with no problems 
>in a similar situation), flooding the console with syslog messages 
>should not affect stdin in this case (the characters appear but it does 
>not mean they are in your stdin, the keyboard). Are you sure that's the 
>reason you can't login?

One additional factor is that it's a VM under ESXi. Don't see why that should make a difference, though - this is internal to the guest o/s. Fortunately, it was a VM we could just reboot.

>m.roth2006 at wrote:
>> Bram,
>>> Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 17:49:23 +0100
>>> From: "Mertens, Bram" <mertensb at>  
>>> Probably a bit late for you but perhaps useful as a reference for
>>> others/future occasions.
>>> If I'm not mistaken switching to another console should solve this,
>>> messages are by default logged to the first console.
>> Unfortunately, that's not the case. <alt-F2> start to log in, console logs. Ditto with *all* the others....
>>          mark
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>>>> Ok, I come in a few minutes ago, and go to log into one server. Um,
>>>> nope, no response to putty. So I pull up a VMware infrastructure
>>>> client, which gets me to a real console... and a problem I've seen
>>>> before: I want to log in, but as I try, the console log overwrites
>>>> *everything*, and apparently interferes with my login. Is there any
>>>> "easy" way to actually log in, without, say, rebooting?
>>>>    mark
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