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RE: how to send a sms with redhat

Right, but you can send those email alerts straight to a phone via SMS.  We use mailman to send to all the admins.

Rob Marti

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El mié, 08-07-2009 a las 09:52 -0700, Josh Miller escribió:
> Do you find this to be much more reliable than sending via email to 
> the providers network?
> Just curious as to why you're not using the email version of the phone 
> number instead.  Also, I use a vendor who is a SMS gateway to deliver 
> to customer's hand-sets but only because it provides visibility down 
> to the hand-set level and gives us much greater deliverability.  This 
> is overkill for server notifications (depending on provider) but 
> adding for information purposes.

Well we have two scenarios here:
We have email alerts during the work hours and then we have SMS sent to the operators during not work hours.

We went for the GSM phone cause it was faster to set it up, our monitoring system is running in the same machine where the phone is plugged to, so sending the SMS is pretty easy this way.


Manuel Arostegui Ramirez.

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