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Re: can a 32 bit process use more than 2GB?


my doubt is clear now.

with vim I can open my files, so, no problem,

thank you all for your answers


2010/3/17 Stainforth, Matthew (SD/DS) <Matthew Stainforth gnb ca>

> > I´m running a 64bit kernel but the application is a 32bit application.
> >
> > So I suposse that I only can address 4Gb.
> >
> > But I´m still with the doubt about handling a 5G file. Can´t I open a 5
> > GB
> > file with the 32bi version of vi? (in the future I will rotate them but
> > now
> > I have a lot of file of that size and more)
> As I said before, there are techniques that applications can use to deal
> with huge files larger than the available addressable memory.
> You would need to check the documentation and/or give it a try yourself to
> know whether vim specifically is written in this way.
> If it can't, do some research and find an editor that can or split the file
> into smaller pieces.
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