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Re: [rhelv6-list] No Redhat network this AM?

> Or you can run mrepo on RHEL5 or RHEL4 to download updates for all the
> platforms (distributions/archs), including RHEL6.
> I was actually planning CDN support, which is a must before RHEL5.7 is
> released. But it's going to be a big effort and I need to make sure I'll
> have the time for this. So maybe a quick RHEL6 fix release wouldn't be
> so bad.

Could you explain what you mean?  What kind of CDN support and why must
if be out before RHEL 5.7?  Also, I didn't look too deeply into
Spacewalk, RHN's upstream.  Does Spacewalk offer most of what mrepo
provides or is it a different beast completely?


> But there have been plenty of feature requests that are currently
> blocked by the design and the configuration file, so we should break
> with the past (drop apt/yum-arch support, config overhaul) and release a
> major new version.
> We moved mrepo development to github.com, so if you're interested in
> helping, discuss or send pull-requests :)

Where are the feature requests documented?

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