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[rhelv6-list] Convert from software raid to Perc H700 controller

We have a Dell system which was initially set up on the cheap
using the on board SATA controller (S100).  It runs
software RAID with a mirror of two sata disks.  We found
it was sufficient for operations, but a full backup service
takes about 16 hours to backup 200 GB so this isn't so good.

A Perc H700 controller was ordered, and it seems there is
no way to use it as a straight controller.  It can only use
the hardware raid configuration.  I'd be happy to learn there
is a way to make it work as a straight through controller, so
please correct me if this is wrong.

Assuming the H700 will not support straight physical disk
access and software raid, how would we migrate it to the hardware

I know it is easy to convert one disk in the md raid to ext3
simply by setting it as sda1 etc in /etc/fstab.

I don't know if it is possible to assemble a degraded mirror
in the H700 using just one disk.

Assuming the H700 could create a degraded array,
then from a live/rescue CD, while running from two
controllers (onboard for one, H700 for other)
we could mount these things and cp -a the partitions.

Is there a better way?

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