[scl.org] perl dependency generation on CentOS 7

Malcolm Studd mstudd at recognia.com
Tue Aug 5 15:40:36 UTC 2014

On 08/05/2014 10:16 AM, Malcolm Studd wrote:
> Googling
> scl_package_override brought up some Fedora documentation[1], so I'm off
> to see if it has any clues.

Now I'm really confused. Section 3.1 states

   For example, to rewrite automatic Python Provides and Requires, add
   the following lines in the macros.%{scl}-config macro file:

   %__python_provides /usr/lib/rpm/pythondeps-scl.sh --provides
   %{_scl_root} %{scl_prefix}
   %__python_requires /usr/lib/rpm/pythondeps-scl.sh --requires
   %{_scl_root} %{scl_prefix}

The section is only applicable to Fedora and EL7. It's what I did
originally, following this documentation. The %scl_package_override
seems to be used if building other SCLs depending on it (3.2). That's
good, but I'm trying to build the SCL itself, not another one depending
on it, so it should make no difference to me.

Something else I've forgotten to mention earlier: the rpmdeps command
prints "warning: Ignoring invalid regex ^%{_scl_prefix}/.*$" each time
it's run.

How does the rpmdeps command know what the various settings are? I.e.
how does it find the value of %_perl_requires?



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