[scl.org] perl dependency generation on CentOS 7

Malcolm Studd mstudd at recognia.com
Tue Aug 5 21:44:14 UTC 2014

On 08/05/2014 10:16 AM, Malcolm Studd wrote:
> On 08/04/2014 03:35 AM, Jitka Plesnikova wrote:
>> the macros for perl should be a different at CentOS 7.
>> Something like this
> I now have /etc/rpm/macros.perl518-config with the contents
>   %scl perl518
>   %scl_package_override() %{expand: \
>   %global __perl %_scl_root/usr/bin/perl \
>   %global __perl_requires /usr/lib/rpm/perl.perl518-req \
>   %global __perl_provides /usr/lib/rpm/perl.perl518-prov \
>   %global __perllib_requires /usr/lib/rpm/perl.perl518-req \
>   %global __perllib_provides /usr/lib/rpm/perl.perl518-prov \
>   }
> It does not work. Most provides and requires are still just "perl".

It seems there was something wrong with the CentOS install. (Maybe
because it was slightly prior to the official release?)  When I copy
everything over to a fresh install, the provides and requires seem
correct. Happily, it also seems to have fixed the test failure in perl 5.20.

I now have contents of /etc/rpm/macros.perl520-config as:
%scl perl520
%__perl %_scl_root/usr/bin/perl
%__perl_requires /usr/lib/rpm/perl.perl520-req
%__perl_provides /usr/lib/rpm/perl.perl520-prov
%__perllib_requires /usr/lib/rpm/perl.perl520-req
%__perllib_provides /usr/lib/rpm/perl.perl520-prov

%scl_package_override() %{expand: \
%global __perl %_scl_root/usr/bin/perl \
%global __perl_requires /usr/lib/rpm/perl.perl520-req \
%global __perl_provides /usr/lib/rpm/perl.perl520-prov \
%global __perllib_requires /usr/lib/rpm/perl.perl520-req \
%global __perllib_provides /usr/lib/rpm/perl.perl520-prov \

As I understand it, I need the first set for building things in the
perl520 SCL, while the second set in the override will be used for other
SCLs that use the perl520 SCL?

Thank you for your help,

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