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Re: [scl.org] SCL... for ppc?

I cannot answer that question, but I can suggest a strategy I’ve used over the years in absence of that.    That is to download an SRPM from upstream, unpack it, patch the spec. file, and build it.   At one time, I had automated cron jobs that looked for new packages and sent me email about stuff I needed to build for my platform – the manual building was not so hard, but checking what needed to be built was rather a chore.


I’m a baby Fedora Project member myself, and I just created my first Fedora Copr project hoping to answer the question whether PPM is an available architecture.   I didn’t see a box for architecture, but maybe I’m just missing it – if it is there, you might well be able to just rebuild on Fedora Copr and the repositories would be available to you.


Dan Davis, Systems/Applications Architect (Contractor),

Office of Computer and Communications Systems,

National Library of Medicine, NIH


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We run RHEL on IBM pSeries (ppc64) - which is mostly all types of awesome.   However.


Is there any future for SCL on a ppc platform? 


I'm specifically looking at PHP, which is 5.4.16 for RHEL7.  Unfortunately, PHP 5.4 is being EOL'd in a couple weeks, and while RH will support 5.4 with security patches...only.... RHEL 8 is not even in sight, and applications will be requiring higher versions of PHP.  I'd love to offer our customers a "modern" PHP in the next year... but other than us going back to compiling our own stack...


Thanks for any info or even rumours or innuendo.  :)


cheers and thanks,


Ian Veach, Senior Systems Analyst

System Computing Services, Nevada System of Higher Education


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