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[scl.org] problems with rebuilding devtoolset-4 (tycho on centos7)

We have some issues with packages devtoolset-4-tycho and devtoolset-4-sqt-chart when trying to rebuild devtoolset-4 in centos.

For centos 6 it went ok, for centos7 we see build errors once we set %bootstrap macro to 0:


I suspect the tycho being not properly build without bootstrap can cause also the swt-chart build error:


Except many errors in tycho build log like this:

[INFO] Tycho (Incubation) ................................ FAILURE [10.901s]


[ERROR] public File getLocation();
[ERROR] /builddir/build/BUILD/org.eclipse.tycho-tycho-0.23.0/tycho-bundles/org.eclipse.tycho.embedder.shared/src/main/java/org/eclipse/tycho/ArtifactDescriptor.java:34: error: unknown tag: TODO
[ERROR] * @TODO should come from separate ReactorArtifactDescriptor
[ERROR] /builddir/build/BUILD/org.eclipse.tycho-tycho-0.23.0/tycho-bundles/org.eclipse.tycho.embedder.shared/src/main/java/org/eclipse/tycho/ArtifactDescriptor.java:36: warning: no @return


I see some suspicious error before:


[INFO] Mojo extractor for language: java-annotations found 11 mojo descriptors.
line 2 column 68 - Error: plugin is not recognized!


Not sure if this ^ one is causing the troubles though.

Full build log is available at:

I'd be very glad for any help, because I'm already out of ideas.


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