[scl.org] SCLo el6 packages have wrong upgrade path

Honza Horak hhorak at redhat.com
Thu Oct 22 05:39:34 UTC 2015

So far I've just roughly looked at whether el6 SCL packages available at 
http://mirror.centos.org/centos/6/SCL/x86_64/ properly update to 
packages built in CBS, as we touched it yesterday. Long story short, 
there are packages with higher NVR than what we have in CBS now.

There are basically two options here -- we may rebuild the problematic 
packages and bump release in CBS or we can document how to properly 
update using `yum distro-sync`.

Anybody has a strong opinion about one of them?

 From my PoV, bumping&rebuilding should avoid more issues on users' 
side, because we can't be sure what happens if packages are combined 
(some from CBS and some from older repo) and depending on manual step 
won't work in 100% cases.


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