[scl.org] missing or deprecated description of rh-python35

Martin Bukatovic mbukatov at redhat.com
Tue Nov 8 16:52:32 UTC 2016

Dear all,

I'm not sure if this is the best place to discuss this issue, but I
hope that I will be directed to better place if needed.

I noticed that there are few differences between rh-python34 and
rh-python35 software collections as listed on softwarecollections.org
web site, see:

* https://www.softwarecollections.org/en/scls/rhscl/rh-python34/
* https://www.softwarecollections.org/en/scls/rhscl/rh-python35/

Collection rh-python34:

* is provided in both el6 and el7 versions
* related copr projects (rhscl/rh-python34-el{6,7}) are linked
* related collections are linked: Apache HTTP Server 2.4

While collection rh-python35:

* only el7 version is provided
* no link to copr builds
* no related collections mentioned

This seems to be caused by the fact that rh-python35 collection
is build in cbs koji instead:


Would it make sense to add the following to rh-python35 page?

* link to both el6 and el7 versions
* link to koji build
* link to related collections (if any)

Thank you

Martin Bukatovic
USM QE team

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