[Spacewalk-list] Syncing SLES 12 SP3 Repos fails with some packages

Daryl Rose darylrose at outlook.com
Thu Dec 14 19:39:40 UTC 2017


I'm also trying to setup a SLES 12 SP3 repo sync.

I also have a registered SLES 12 SP3 and I copied/pasted the "zypper lr --uri" into the repository URL field as you suggest.

I get an error that the sync can't retrieve repository metadata.

ERROR: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml)

I can put that URL in my browser and see the repository, but I can't get the sync to work in SW.

Am I missing something?



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Hi Matthias,

I am syncing SLES 12 repos on a daily basis. No problems so far, I get all the 3725 packages.

What I did was to first set up a SLES 12 SP3 VM and register it directly to Suse. I then used “zypper lr --uri” to get the URI which contains the token and copied that to the “Repository URL” field in Spacewalk.



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Hi Spacewalkers,

anybody syncing SLES 12 SP3 Repos?

I am successfully syncing SLES 12 Repos since SLES 12 was released with the method recently fabulous described by Bernd Helber (Hi Bernd!), but now I have a weird Problem with SP3.

E.g. syncing of 2916 packages out of 3725 of the „OS Pool“ repo works, but with 809 packages download fails with error „ERROR: Download failed: https://updates.suse.com/… - [Errno 14] HTTPS Error 403 - Forbidden.“

Looking with a browser into the repo is indeed showing all 2916 Packages, but not the missing 809 ones.

By the way we have a valid support contract and connecting a client directly to the SUSE repos over the internet is working perfectly. And my Spacewalk release is 2.7 on CentOS 7.

Thanks in advance!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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