[virt-tools-list] Install on RHEL6 or CentOS 6

Jonathan Bayer jbayer at bayertechnologygroup.com
Thu Nov 10 17:02:18 UTC 2011

I've solved the problem:

have been trying to get the latest virt-manager running on CentOS 6, and 
have been having problems.

I found a post which solved part of the problem: 

which referenced the autodrawer.py.

I applied the patch, but was having problems with the createpool.py 
file.  After examining it, I saw that the issue was the same as as with 

I've made the fixes, and am attaching a patch (against the 
virt-manager-0.9.0 release) for you.

I see a couple of small problems:

1.When resizing to VM with a text-mode console, the window is about 2/3 
taller than it should be.

2.When shutting down a VM (created using CentSO 5.6), I get the 
following error:

Error polling connection 'qemu:///system': cannot send monitor command 
'{"execute":"query-balloon"}': Connection reset by peer

                                 The traceback is:

                                 Engine.py, line 440

                                 Connection.py, line 1507

                                 Domain.py, line 1526

                                 Libvirt.py, line 759

                 libvirtError: cannot send monitor command.....

                 After this, the virt-manager is disconnected from 
localhost.    Reconnection to localhost resumes normal operation

Oddly enough, this only on the first VM created.  A second VM didn't do 
this, even if it was the only one running.


On 11/10/11 9:05 AM, Jonathan Bayer wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been trying to install the latest version of virt-manager on 
> CentOS 6.1.  Apparently the libraries on CentOS 6.1 aren't late 
> enough, since I get some Python errors which refer to classes which 
> don't exist.
> So I've been wondering how difficult it would be to install the latest 
> virtinst, virt-manager in a separate directory.
> I found ActivePython, which has all the latest versions of Python 
> available for free, and which installs in a separate directory.  But 
> I'm a bit at a loss as to what else would need to be installed in this 
> directory structure, and how.
> Thanks in advance
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