[virt-tools-list] Question regarding "No OS found" when trying to boot VM's

Inverge Hache inverged at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 22 07:36:29 UTC 2016

Hello, I'm running kvm/qemu with virt-manager on Ubuntu 14.04.
My VM's boot fine when I first create them, but if I go back at a later time to boot them I always get "No bootable OS found". I think this may have something to do with virt-manager expecting a raw format while the disks are saved as .qcow, because I saw people experiencing this issue on a Ubuntu forum post from at least 2 years ago. Is this a known issue with the binaries distributed by Ubuntu? And if so is there a tweak I can make to stop encountering this? If I install from source could that help me?

If you need me to provide additional information I'd be happy too, thanks in advance.

Regards, Jay Hopkins.
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