[virt-tools-list] Question regarding "No OS found" when trying to boot VM's

Doug Parsons doug at parsonsetc.com
Thu Dec 22 15:15:48 UTC 2016

Hi Inverge:

I have the same problem.
Have had it for a while.
If your problem is the same as mine, I'll define it for you.

You are on your machine, running KVM, which you're using to create a VM.
At some time, the other KVM -- Keyboard, Video, Mouse -- has to switch 
from 'your machine/KVM-QEMU to your 'VM' so you can answer the set-up 
questions as when you set up any machine. Since the switch was never 
made, and you never interacted with the build, the VM is built with no 
software, it's got everything else: your processors of choice, memory, etc..

I run KVM (create) time and time again, using every sourcing I can (i.e, 
sometimes loading the .iso, sometimes trying to use the DVD, etc. etc.), 
and one time in a 100, it makes the switch. It's now been years since 
I've been able to make a new VM.

I gave up, after doing all suggested to no avail.

Every now again, the CentOS update lists losts of KVM/QEMU updates, so I 
try it again, hoping the problems has been found by my betters and 
fixed. Still to no avail.

If my described problem is the same as yours, I wish you the best.

Maybe you'll be able to give the Powers That Be the information they 
need to fix this -- I evidently was not.



On 12/22/2016 02:36 AM, Inverge Hache wrote:
> Hello, I'm running kvm/qemu with virt-manager on Ubuntu 14.04.
> My VM's boot fine when I first create them, but if I go back at a 
> later time to boot them I always get "No bootable OS found". I think 
> this may have something to do with virt-manager expecting a raw format 
> while the disks are saved as .qcow, because I saw people experiencing 
> this issue on a Ubuntu forum post from at least 2 years ago. Is this a 
> known issue with the binaries distributed by Ubuntu? And if so is 
> there a tweak I can make to stop encountering this? If I install from 
> source could that help me?
> If you need me to provide additional information I'd be happy too, 
> thanks in advance.
> Regards, Jay Hopkins.
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