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Ivan Brewis ivan at infosolutions.co.uk
Sun Mar 20 21:20:32 UTC 2016


Tool looks great!  But Ubuntu install is version 0.9.5, Git looks like 
version 1.3.2 is almost ready.

Please enable issues in Github to move this project forward.  The readme 
and other areas could use some help which others may be able to give 
with a bit more interaction.

I tried but cannot get source to setup or run, error:

    sudo python setup.py install
    running install
    Using sysprefix=/usr
    running build
    Generating /home/ivan/virmanager/virt-manager/build/virt-manager
    Generating /home/ivan/virmanager/virt-manager/build/virt-install
    Generating /home/ivan/virmanager/virt-manager/build/virt-clone
    Generating /home/ivan/virmanager/virt-manager/build/virt-convert
    Generating /home/ivan/virmanager/virt-manager/build/virt-xml
    Generating man/virt-xml.1
    Generating man/virt-install.1
    Generating man/virt-convert.1
    Generating man/virt-clone.1
    Generating man/virt-manager.1
    running build_i18n
    Writing po/POTFILES.in
    intltool-update -p -g virt-manager
    unable to execute 'intltool-update': No such file or directory
    Removing po/POTFILES.in
    error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'po/POTFILES.in'


Ivan Brewis

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